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1Web Street is the top Digital Marketing Service Provider in Kolkata with unparalleled expertise helping businesses get an upper-edge. Our experts leverage the advantages of the different digital channels enabling your customers to find your business quickly. People spend long hours online, browsing, getting educated or shopping. Digital platforms are becoming increasingly crowded. It is important to get the attention of the customer groups first to convert the potential ones into hardcore business.

This is where we make the difference to your business. We reach out to the target business group at the right place ahead of others taking your business to them. Even when a target customer is on a pleasant conversation, we can help you get business with careful Social Media Optimization! The result – boosting of your brand and its visibility, greater lead generation, increased sales and thus more profits!!!

Proven Expertise to Rely ON

Experts at 1Web Street offer the full spectrum of Digital Marketing Services with the finesses of seasoned marketers. As a special form of marketing, there is the need to identify the correct channels and form the right strategies. We take time to get the full understanding of your business before maximizing its online presence and capitalizing on the relevant channels. Here is the repertoire of the full Digital Advertising Services that we provide to all types of businesses and clients:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Company KolkataWe carry out exclusive On-Page SEO Services and Off-Page SEO Services to set the momentum of sustainable top page rankings. With the search engines being packed with options on the first pages, very few are likely to move to the next pages for anything!!!

Your business site is among the most prominent online advertising and it has to be done right by auditing the site. Once we identify its strengths and flaws perfectly, we work using the right methods to give it top rankings for maximum business visibility and lead generations. We carry out the sortie of On-Page and Off-Page SEO services using exclusive White Hat methods to give your site the organic growth it needs.

On-Page SEO Services

On Page SEO Services i KolkataMajor search engines like Google have standardized algorithms that determine the methods according to which On-Page optimization has to be carried out. It includes optimizing both the source codes as well as the content of the pages that the site has.

Some of the major components that we work upon are the site URL, headings, tags and descriptions, markups, links, sitemaps, texts, page speed, keywords, content and of course content.

Off-Page SEO Services

The Off-Page SEO techniques involve methods that go beyond the website to help it attain better SERP rankings. It is the effort to help a website gain in authority with its relevance and trustworthiness. Though link-building is crucial to this exercise and it has to be done keeping every angle in mind.

Natural links, manually created links and self-created links together can give the best Off-Page SEO results. Before linking the pages to external links, the site pages have to be interlinked to pass the juice of the links to the maximum.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing refers to the paid forms of marketing that are carried out on the search engines themselves. There are different forms of this marketing that are carried out with strategic planning and increase online footfall almost instantly.

It is crucial to carry out at least some of these online marketing in the face of the highly competitive business market. We know which among the following forms of SEM can give you maximum profits within your limited budget:

Display Ads

Display Ads work as good as static billboards on your potential customers’ screens. Strategies for these ads are formulated on the basis of keywords, topics or placement. Our experts make the ad type choice according to the type of business that you are into, or the trends that your target customers are likely to be found.

We also pick the correct banner size to make maximum Click Through Rate (CTR) depending on the impression and impression share made by the display.

Search Ads

These are the ads that the search engine displays when your target customer groups make their search on Google. The 1 Web Street experts know how to place the most attractive titles and descriptions within the stipulated character limits.

We use our expertise to utilize the most targeted keywords taking the ad to maximum possible potential customers for quick business conversions. Attractive extensions enhance the chances of greater CTR and buying increasing your profit margins.

Video Ads

If pictures explain a thousand words, videos help grab the attention of potential customers even better. Our Digital Marketing experts know how to make wonders happen within the span of a mere 15-20 seconds. Short and crisp ads that appear at the right-hand bottom of the screen invariably catch the attention of viewers.

Depending on the type of campaign we also place these video ads at the beginning of You-Tube videos. We rake in the maximum number of impressions and views making a careful use of the keywords, topics and placements for the highest impressions.

Call Ads

With almost everyone making their search using handheld devices, it is extremely important to make the best of the trend. Call ads are designed to lead your potential customers to call your business directly. It is a no-nonsense ad form where we give the most pertinent two-line description along with your business URL. Adding the necessary extensions help expand the add and also make it more attractive stating more options available to customers.


Once a potential customer has viewed an item for some time but logged out of the business site without making a purchase, it is important to persuade. Remarketing does exactly that.

We deftly remarket the browsed products to your probable customer by bringing them on other pages when they are on them. These can be displayed on any page that accepts the ad from Google.

Our expert marketers make sure that this powerful tool becomes an effective method of conversion while also increasing brand identity.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads

PPC Company KolkataPPC or Pay Per Click advertising helps your business get displayed on the search engine itself the moment searches are made with the relevant keywords.

We make use of the best tools so that words and search are compatible giving maximum ad visibility. Managing PPC campaigns that bring down the cost of per click require expertise that is both learnt and acquired.

1 Web Street has been helping thousands of business to get maximum mileage with structured PPC at Low Costs.

SMM – Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media platforms are where most communication of the modern world take place globally. These are the places where the maximum number of modern-day conversations take place. Your potential customer groups are sure to be present in one or more of them. Social Media Marketing will help you reach out to them smoothly and efficiently. For this, however, you need the help of experts like us that identify the specific platforms, form comprehensive strategies and advertise there within your budget giving best results.

Here is a round-up of the different platforms for which we carry out Social Media Marketing Services for our clients:


Facebook Marketing Services KolkataPerhaps the most common platform for all social and personal conversations, Facebook stands out as a unique Social Media. 

There are several options of advertising on Facebook that include free and paid options.

Our experts are aware of the right techniques to be employed for posts that will attract maximum attention.


Twitter Marketing Company KolkataShort is surely sweet and so says the tweets!!! Sharp and catchy messages with the use of the right keywords make the right impact on the target audience.

Expert digital marketers make sure that innovative campaigns give your business the maximum mileage from our designed campaigns.


Linkedin Marketing Services KolkataA thoroughly B2B platform, it can have immense business impact and outreach to target consumers and other associates.

At 1Web Street we make use of the appropriate metrics to shape your profile and frame your post attracting and engaging more clients.


YouTube Marketing Services KolkataAs a subsidiary of Google, YouTube offers immense possibilities for successful Digital Marketing. Short and crisp videos about your business, those that are related to your business and its fine nuances can give it immense mileage. Videos made based on the keyword search related to your business and other techniques will open up the possibilities of people watching them. Made public, these videos will earn viewership and take them to your business site.

1 Web Street has helped clients leverage the online marketing advantage by creating videos for businesses that have almost gone viral earning more returns.


Pinterest Marketing Services KolkataA colorful and attractive SM, we churn out impressive content that draws attention and increases consumer retention.

These are only some of the most obviously used strategies that we use as a part of our SMM. Naturally, we have reserved the best for our clients.


Instagram Marketing Services KolkataThis is a popular Social Media platform for the young generation especially ranging from eighteen to twenty-nine. It is, in fact, one of the most visually telling platforms that tell a million words in pictures.

Marketing on this media requires special finesse that involves more than just the use of hashtags. Knowing and understanding the policies of the platform is crucial to use it successfully. At 1 Web Street, we have the right set of tools and the skills to formulate strategies and upload content to give your brand identity maximum online visibility.


Social Media Marketing Services KolkataThough not thought to be immensely popular and less explored, this is yet another SM channel that can give your business immense mileage. We use it to list your business and give it maximum authenticity helping your customers gain more confidence in your brand.

E-Mail Marketing Services

E-Mail Marketing Company KolkataDespite several other popular modes, E-mail Marketing still continues to remain an effective way of educating and convincing customer groups. Its far-reaching impacts are have been helping businesses improve performances and earn profits.

1 Web Street is an active E-mail marketer with the necessary tools and expertise to attract new customers, retain the older base and convert them into profits.

ORM – Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management Services KolkataThe immense use of internet has long-drawn implications for businesses. Reviews and other forms of appraisal can make or mar your business reputation. ORM concerns handling negative reviews prudently and highlighting the brand identity in the most convincingly positive light.

The 1 Web Street experts continue to support business houses to maintain their best faces to the world online. We assure you of an impeccable reputation with our expertise in ORM.


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