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Mobile App Developer in Kolkata

Cleverly planned and carefully executed mobile apps are the perfect ways to give wings to your innovative business ideas for surging profits!!! 1 Web Street is the ultimate mobile app development company in Kolkata that gives clients the full range of customized solutions within budget. A strong online presence now extends beyond the conventional websites. Having business apps is among the best ways to retain your customer base and also earn newer ones.

The job is perhaps easier said than done as you need the best mobile app development services from the experts to give you just the perfect solutions. There are a variety of platforms that your potential customers are using and only the experts can advise you which best suits your business!

We are the most trusted mobile app developer in Kolkata that builds the total range of Android apps, iOS apps, Hybrid Apps and Native Apps. Be it for E-commerce, Enterprise Resource and Business solutions, Mobile Gaming, Ticket Reservation System we have been helping clients more business.

Among the top mobile app development companies, we bring for you the complete array of business solutions as the best:

iOS App Developer in Kolkata with Finesse

iOS App Developer KolkataThe committed group of iOS users need an App that will respond to the specification of their device and also keep up with the continually changing UI and upgrades.

As a team of veteran iPhone App Developers in Kolkata, we know exactly how to give your users the best interface making it user-friendly and loaded with necessary features. With the experience of making on-time delivery of world-class iOS Apps on the budget, we promise to give you more than what you expect.

Android App Developer in Kolkata with Expertise

Android App Developer in KolkataThe most widely used platform, Android is in the hands of maximum users across the world through a host of differently sized devices. It is important to keep up with the latest technological developments to give the perfectly made app that is scalable and future-oriented. Quick and responsive designs by our android app developers in Kolkata have made our company sought-after globally. We know how to deliver the solution that will make a difference to your users and thus your business.

Native Mobile App Development

Giving your customers OS-specific apps has several advantages. Get full access to the functionalities of your users’ device and help them improve users’ experience. Our developers have the complete know-how of fine functionalities of native mobile app development to give personalized solutions. Perfect User Interface and functionalities to support large and responsive operations, Native Apps are what we provide mainstream service-providers. Be it for Android or iOS, our developers help you exploit the best and the most advanced features of the platforms through the Apps.

Hybrid App Development at Par with The Best

Cross platform or hybrid mobile app development has surely taken the world by storm and small and medium-sized (SMBs) are the ones that benefit most from them. Made using a single code and operational on multiple platforms, it has the tremendous cost advantage over and above dedicated or Native Apps. Integrated to the device’s file systems, the Hybrid App can help your customers get access to information both online and offline.

We help you make life easier for your customers with the precise type of App that they will enjoy using at best prices!

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