Crewvent is a modern app to give people the opportunity to party at popular destinations in as a group and according to their budget. The website related to the app has a clean and professional look to it with a well-illustrated section at its center. Each feature that the app offers is laid out in clear sections. The site is also responsive for users to be able to understand the features any time and any place. The color scheme leans more towards white and black with prudent use of pastel colors for a crisp and professional look.

Customers just have to write down the important information on the website and else the site will let the customers know. Visitors won’t feel confused as every little detail is divided into categories. Need information about private events or concerts? Click on the ‘night clubs’ button and get to know everything related to it. The app also awards scores to maximize the fun and enhance the mood. Users don’t need to call anyone, just relax on your couch and pick the best one.

Project Details

Release dateMarch 19, 2018
Technologies HTML
Project url

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