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Getting your website on the search engine first page is the secure way to make your profits soar through the roof!!! Business or service website is not just the face of your organization but also the marketing gateway leading to great selling. But for all of this, the site has to appeal to your target group. And this will happen only when the website has to be optimized so that it is listed on the first pages.

Why SEO?

The relevance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or differently known as Web Page Optimization surpasses all other online requirements. Website optimization is the new face of marketing that is all set to make or mar businesses and their returns.

What is SEO or Website Optimization?

When we talk about SEO or Site Optimization, we are in fact talking about enhancing the website for better compatibility with the Google, Yahoo and the Bing bots and their respective algorithms. It is the website that is optimized by carrying out the necessary on-page and off-page activities so that Search Engines take notice of it immediately.

You Need SEO Experts for Digital Brand Art for The Job

SEO Company in Kolkata

Good website optimization techniques involve expertise in the knowledge of the latest and the best practices in the industry. This comes easily only to those that are skilled in the field and also continually upgrade themselves on the latest dictates of the Search Engine preferences.

  • Our team of SEO Experts make use of the perfect combination of the different on-page and off-page techniques to make it Search Engine friendly.
  • The process begins with a careful website audit or analysis of what are its strengths and weaknesses in terms of the Search Engines’ preferences.
  • We then move on to formulate strategies that will help overcome each of the site’s flaws and help it emerge on top during searches.
  • Among the first few crucial steps is the generation of the list of relevant keywords according to the genre of business and the industry vertical that your operations belong to. This is the base on which all other SEO activities will revolve.
  • Generate all-important content for the website, social media and other external sites marketing them to the Search Engines through appropriate channels.
  • A continual publication of fresh and engaging content that helps improve user experience that retains visitors and reduce bounce rates.
  • On-Page and Off-Page Link Building with the proportional use of anchor text help give your website more authority making it recognizable to the Search Engines.
  • While avoiding poor link-building we also take measures to counter bad links to your website that results in counter-productive effects. In fact, there are a whole lot of other SEO activities that are experts carry out and surely that they will not want to let out!

Employing Ethical SEO Standards that Work

We make exclusive use of White Hat SEO methods to ensure organic website growth on the Search Engine. This leads to a sustained top ranking that brings more traffic, increased revenue and bigger profit margins.

The entire exercise is to improve user-experience when visiting your business or service website that Google and the Webmaster are going to recognize instantly. The changing topography of SEO emerges from the perfect knowledge about the latest Google Webmaster Tools and their underlying strategies. At 1 Web Street, one of the leading and best SEO Company in Kolkata continually upgrade and update himself to give you the very best SEO Services in Kolkata.

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