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Your operations need the support of a custom software that includes every minute detail of your operations for best turnover!!!

Software Development Company KolkataSoftware Development Company that makes the difference

1 Web Street is a rated software development company that takes the time and effort to understand your business needs to develop a tailored software solution for it. We are a full-cycle software development company that works for a global clientele. With expertise in the niche of software development using the latest technology, we are proud to help small, medium and large enterprises meet their requirements of industry-specific software solutions.

Software Developer Kolkata with a special niche

If you are looking for a software developer Kolkata that has developed the long-term relationship with its clients, then you are in the right place! Our penchant for innovative ideas motivates us to foray into complex and grey areas that most developers shy away from. This has also made us one of the leading companies that handle software development outsourcing. We have been helping our clients reduce overhead operation costs by providing them with world-class solutions at affordable costs. When working with us you can rest assured of the best solution under our wings while you concentrate on spreading your core business.

Software Development Services

Our expertise in the domain of software development includes:

  • CMS Development

  • ERP Software Development

  • Web CRM Development

  • Reservation Booking Software Development

  • Social Media Development

The list is of course not exhaustive as we continue to work on newer areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics bringing out newer solutions for our clients.

Custom Software Development Services

We have the finest R&D experts that work closely with you to avoid any planned changes or eruptions thus minimizing the cost and time of development. Our approach to Custom Software development is logical and systematic helping you get a clear picture of the scene beneath. We believe invalidating every concept that we work on, plan the future development steps and also identify any potential blocks that may impede and suggest ways for it. The entire exercise ensures that you get a fully customized and functional software for your operations.

Software Development Services Provider

As a unique Software Developer, we carry out a competitive market analysis of the proposed solution and its potential market feasibility. During this process, we also ensure that the concept is capable of fulfilling the expectations of the target group and also goes beyond. As a part of developing cost-effective solutions, we give special attention to building cross-platform strategies. The entire exercise carefully integrates the concern for a foolproof security to ensure greater customer and thus business safety. We ensure that the solution that we deliver to you today is scalable to give you maximum return on your investment. For this we make use of the right tech stack that complements your needs.

Custom Software Development Company

Custom Software Development is our forte and we have the necessary expertise in pulling off the right project solution and even give you the necessary post-launch enhancement. We have the technological prowess to help you get across the entire spectrum of your business seamlessly through the customized solution. The outcome minimizes all risks and increases the rate of benefits. Our development process involves meticulous end-to-end testing and Quality Analysis so that you have a fully functional product in your system.

Software Development Company in Kolkata

Depending on the type of project that we are working on we adopt either the Scrum or the Waterfall models of development approach. When you need a fast-moving project that is less defined and is more likely to have changes in requirement, we adopt Scrum. For a project with a clear and defined scope, limited budget and a strict timeline, we adopt the austere Waterfall model.

Be assured of our impeccable quality, on-time delivery and product guarantee.

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