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Business Website Designing Services in Kolkata That Draws Attention

Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it Works, Steve Jobs. The first look of your business or service website should be appealing to your consumer groups and lead them to make purchases. At 1 Web Street, we know how to give your business the necessary boost with compelling designs that attract, convert and earn profits. We know how to increase your sales and lead the way in the industry with persuasive business website designs and rule the market.

Web Designing KolkataThe Principles of Good Website Design Service

Our trained and experienced web designers organize layouts to lead your visitors through a smooth visual experience inviting them to explore further. A beautiful design can tell a lot more whatever the content is all about. We always follow the most preferred and recommended principles of designing rules for our web design services in Kolkata. In our web designing service, we always try to figure out the layout and its required design style as per the nature of business and all. Let’s talk a bit more in detail:

  • We make effective use of White Spaces to bring out Clean design. The empty spaces follow a definitive pattern that is an indispensable part of the design. It does not mean less content but communicates more clearly to the audience.

  • In the case of fitting in plenty of options, products or services, we make use of Hick’s Law. According we organize information in filters and menu bars. This makes it easy for the eyes and the mind to make decisions faster. Overcrowding the website with too much of content makes your visitors nervous.

  • Our designers know how to attract your visitors’ attention to the most important content on the web pages. We ensure it by using the principle of Visual Hierarchy of visual gradient moving from left to right.

  • Applying the principle of the Golden Ratio, our designers keep all things proportionate and aesthetically pleasing. The use of geometric proportions also helps in placing the content to be showcased in the most important position.

  • Putting to use Gestalt Design Laws that specify that human eyes scan a large object in its entirety before seeing individual objects in it. We follow the 8 specific laws in the genre to bring about the total harmony of visuals present and guide the eyes of the visitors to the elements that should attract maximum attention.

  • Image size and positioning should follow the Rule Of Thirds in any website design. Any image large image should be framed along the measurements of this rule to attract maximum attention to it. This will compel the attention of the visitors and make them spend more time on it.

  • Following Fitt’s Law, visibly large playing buttons or call to action buttons placed near the users at convenient positions helps initiate consumers carry out favourable actions. At the same time, the rule of target size applies where the button size should reciprocate the frequency of its use.

  • Rule of 3 implies the maximum number of fonts or typefaces that should be used in web designing. Easy to read fonts such as Arial, Verdana or Sans Serif are most commonly used to increase the total User Experience.

Depending on who your target groups are, we make use of Sans Serif font for a frill-free contemporary look maintaining the 16-pixel standard size. We help your consumers retain their clean and direct modern style thus enhancing their User-Experience. The font is proven to be the most effective for digital publications. It is important that the reader be able to assimilate maximum information at a glance. For most browsers, an attention span of 3-seconds is all that it takes to decide to stay on the page or skip it and move on. We follow the entire web designing principles in our web design services that will automatically enhance the UX/UI while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Website Redesign Services in KolkataWebsite Re-Designing Services in Kolkata

The redesign, revamp website with new age design and development methods to target larger conversions and profits. Websites are scanned and not read. It only takes 10 seconds for your business website to make the lasting impression or get lost in the crowd.

Your business website is the first face of your endeavours to the world and it just cannot be shabby in the face of all the competition around. But, is it fulfilling the online marketing goals of your business?

Are You Losing Business to Your Competitors?

Unattractive layouts, lack-lustre designs, poor functionalities, low-quality contents repel visitors immediately increasing bounce rates. If your website is disappearing and fast going down the search engine in terms of ranking, it surely needs redesigning and revamping.

Digital Art Studio specialists help you stay ahead of the game by providing unique website redesigning services that give it a stunning makeover inside out.

Why You Should Redesign Your Website?

We refresh and reorganize existing websites with the right looks supported by the perfect backend codes that enhance and augment functionality and performance.

  • Build a Brand Image

  • Ensure Super User Experience

  • Become Responsive Across Devices

  • Optimized for all Search Engines

  • Increase Your Profit Margins

Enhance User Experience with Customized Website Development in Kolkata

Businesses need responsive websites that evoke optimized user-experience leading to greater use time, more traffic, better ranking and thus higher profits!!!

Your website is the starting point of all digital conversation with your consumers and it has to be more than just impressive. As veteran website builders, we know the use of the exact development tools for particular business genres.

1 Web Street is a Kolkata’s Web Development Company that focuses on building cost-effective websites that perform. We make use of the latest technology and our developers are experts in the platforms like PHP, HTML5, WordPress, ASP.NET, MySQL, Codeigniter and many more.

Our speciality is building customized websites that are future-ready and scalable – fit to meet your expanding and improved business or service operations of any scale.

Web Development Services for Business/Service Website

As professional website developers, we make sure that your business site is extremely User-Friendly. For this we incorporate the following factors:

  • Each site is well-designed to attract the visitor to explore it more and reduce bounce rate with better UX.

  • Keeping in mind the browsing experience factor on differently-sized gadgets, it is crucial to make your site responsive. Users should be able to see your website content comfortable on any screen without any difficulty.

  • While designing & developing, we take care to make the site as much information to your business genre as possible to engage visitors.

  • Making the site dynamic, we ensure that your target consumers get answers to their questions making them more interested in your products.

  • It is important that your website be able to respond to the latest search engine requirements for ranking. We take care of it by making it SEO-friendly.

Profit-Earning E-Commerce Website Development in Kolkata

You need a robust e-commerce website that will cater to your specific way of selling and doing business.

Despite all your glamorous concrete presence in the real world, you cannot do without an e-commerce portal to sell. Again there are those that are churning out millions through their online stores alone.

At 1 Web Street, we are committed to helping you in your business endeavor by providing the right professional E-Commerce website. We do it by developing websites that help simplify your operations of selling online at the local and international levels.

Stunning storefronts, attractive product galleries and easy to navigate design change the face of your online business.

Customized E-Commerce Sites that Perform

We provide customized E-commerce solutions that help grow your online business and earn larger profits. Our solutions are feature-rich, flexible and robust being capable of handling high online business volumes.

1 Web Street is among the pioneering web development companies that have forayed into the complete range of web services. Our skilled development team pulls off efficacious E-Commerce websites with necessary modules and plug-ins to deliver desired results.

Excited about working with us?

Give your online presence the thrust that it needs to build your brand into a force to reckon with!